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Online Relationship & Marriage Coaching/Counseling


My Vision

Healthy Expressions has a simple vision - to make relationships & marriages healthy to last a lifetime.  It doesn't say, "Perfect" relationship or marriage but a healthy one!  There are no perfect relationships or marriages but there are healthy ones.  My goal is to help a couple change their bad habits in their relationship/marriage, so that they can end up decades from now sitting on a park bench and watching their grandkids playing in the park.  

If you want this vision to be your vision, my one warning is that it will be a challenging and difficult road ahead.  There won't be quick and easy transformations.  Unhealthy relationships & unhealthy marriages were fostered by unhealthy habits in both the individuals for years.  It won't happen overnight, but if both of you are committed to one another and wanting to make your relationship or marriage healthy, let's take this journey together!  Let's do it!

Let’s Work Together

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